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Brian, you could not be more ignorant of the facts. The fact is that nioartputhac medicine is medicine. Your quote that NM is not supported by science misses the rest of the sentence since virtually no studies on naturopathy as a whole have been published. Current medicine is purely drugs and surgery oriented. Why? Because MDs learn virtually nothing about nutrition or diet in medical school. That's a fact. NDs take exactly the same medical courses as MDs, except they focus more on physiology than pathology because they don't operate and instead treat disease by supporting the body's natural physiology. If Naturopathic Medicine were so ineffective, certainly there would be many NDs embroiled in malpractice lawsuits, right? One in 4 MDs is currently engaged in some sort of malpractice lawsuit at any point in time. There's some 500 licensed NDs in California, and not a single malpractice lawsuit that I'm aware of. Snack on that for a moment.There are a few diploma mills that issue nioartputhac medicine degrees as 9 month distance learning programs. That is 100% different than what happens at nioartputhac medical schools, which are 4 year, full time post graduate programs that cost $100,000+ in tuition alone. If you are truly interested in this subject, I can set you up with an appointment at the Naturopathic School of your choice, where you will learn that you have no idea of what you are talking about.

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